Support for Bank Holiday Proposal for July 5th – Cllr. Farrelly

Cllr. Charlie Farrelly’s summertime ‘stay-cation’ to The Blaskets and meeting neighbours there from Ballymacelligott, put the idea of the extra bank holiday for July 5th into his head.

Based on first hand encounters, findings and bumpings into neighbours and friends on ‘staycation’ in places like the Blaskets last summer, Cllr. Charlie Farrelly identified a niche in the Irish tourism market.

All the stuff which fed into Cllr. Farrelly’s idea is called research in official Ireland and it costs a fortune to gather and another to implement.

Moving Beyond the Covid Curse

Cllr. Farrelly’s idea is based on hope that Covid-19 will be moving behind us and us beyond it and that we can all join in an extra bank holiday celebrations which he has earmarked for Monday, July 5th. God is good – as we’re fond of saying.

That would make one heaven of a weekend if all of what ails us now could indeed be put behind us.

Festival in Farrelly’s Focus

Knowing Cllr. Farrelly, he would be inclined to put a festival together for that weekend and that’s something for which we would all keep our fingers crossed.

“As part of our stay-cation this year we met people from Ballymacelligott on the Blasket Islands – what are the chances of that in any other year,” asked Cllr. Farrelly as the thoughts of the bank holiday weekend in July put that faraway look in his eye again.

Backing of Council Colleagues

“I’m delighted to say that my colleagues on Kerry County Council are backing me on this one,” – he said with a smile.

“We can plan anyway and have plans in place and we can hope. But I think it would be one great way to open the doors of every corner of the country to the potential of ‘stay-cationing’ and tourism in general,” said Cllr. Farrelly.

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