Castleisland Railway Reminescenses from August 21-1960

Rena Sheehy has been in touch and she put the names to the photograph of a Sunday excursion train from Castleisland station to Fenit. Ellen McGaley named the train driver and Paudie Nolan confirmed that Mickey Nolan is the boy looking away from the camera. Front from left: Margaret O’Shea, Main Street; Mickey Nolan, Church Street; John McCarthy, Main Street; Oliver O’Shea, Main Street; Pádraig Nolan, Marian Nolan, Ann Nolan, Rena Sheehy and Catherine Nolan, all Church Street; Noreen O’Mahony and Eleanor McCarthy, Tralee Road. Back row: Mrs. Peg Nolan, Church Street; Mrs. Sheila Cremins and Jim Cremins, Creamery Lane; Ned Broderick, Stationmaster, Killarney Road and Donal O’Connor, train driver, Rock Street, Tralee;  Photograph: Norman J McAdams 21-8-1960.
Back the Tracks: Two late and dear old friends, Jack O’Connor, Barrack Street (left) and PJ Luddy, Tralee Road on a fine evening stroll Back the Tracks. Photograph: John Reidy July 1974.

Delving back through files on the long lost Castleisland Railway recently I found some photographs I’d forgotten about.

One in particular stands out as I remember a copy of it came up for discussion one night in Brennan’s Bar.

That copy hung on the wall of the bar which operated straight across the Killarney Road from the railway station yard.

Signs of An Original

This 5″X3″ photograph has all the signs of an original as its back is marked with the date 21-8-1960 and I’m sure it was suggested that it was taken on the occasion of the last of the passenger trains to leave the station in Castleisland.

August 21st 1960 was a Sunday and it may have been the last ‘excursion train’ for that summer. 

It would appear that the photograph was sent to Castleisland as it was signed thus: ‘With compliments  Norman J. McAdams.’

Mr. McAdams was a treasurer of the Irish Railway Records Society and a keen railway photographer whose work, as individual photographs and collections, often appeared in the society journals.

Broderick, Cremins, McCarthy, Nolan, O’Shea & Sheehy

Mrs. Nolan from Church Street and some of her children are included as are Jim and Mrs. Cremins. Margaret and Oliver O’Shea, Rena Sheehy and I’m sure that’s John McCarthy from Joe McCarthy’s Bar and, of course Ned Broderick who was the station-master at the time.

Take a Trip Back to 1973

If you fancy a trip back the tracks as far as the gates at Camp Road and all the way back to 1973, you can do so courtesy of the Irish Railway Records Society with a Click on the link here:

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