….and a great night was had by all !

The Kingdom ReunionMembers of The Kingdom staff from the early 1990s met for a reunion chat and get-together at Faha Court on Friday night. All of us who worked there at that time remember it with great fondness for the sense of fun we enjoyed. At Friday night’s gathering all the funny moments were recalled and we laughed as loudly and madly as ever. The reputations of those present were enhanced. And the legs, hind and fore, were taken from under those who didn’t or couldn’t make it. Even so, it was a lovely occasion and the venue and host – chosen by Ashling Crosbie because it’s accross the road from home – got full marks from all there. I think we’re doing it again soon as key members of the outfit are due home from the US in a few weeks. Those were the days my friends!

Top: A rare ‘team’ photograph of The Kingdom management and staff from 1991. Kay Mac Monagle took the picture on the occasion of an impromptu party to mark the tenth anniversary of the founding of the paper. The staff members were all presented with an inscribed Parker Fountain Pen in the early hours of the morning after the issue was put to bed. Included are: The late Dónal MacMonagle (left) with Concubhar Ó Liathain, Philip MacMonagle, Mike O’Donoghue, Riona MacMonagle, Karie O’Toole, John Reidy, Mags Murphy, John O’Mahony, Aisling Crosbie, Sheila Cronin, Cleo Murphy and Peter Gleeson.  1991

Centre: A piss-take postcard which we sent to the newly appointed editor, John O’Mahony who was out sick at the time. It was supposed to show that he’d been replaced and we’d moved offices. Included are: Danielle Dreyer, front with trom left: John Reidy, Leo Keogan, with a special guest; Ashling Crosbie, Liz Galwey, Sheila Cronin, Riona MacMonagle, Concubhar Ó Liathain, Philip MacMonagle and Sean Lynch. 22-2-1993

Below: At the reunion on Friday night at Faha Court: Seated from left: Sheila Cronin, Ashling Crosbie and Riona MacMonagle. Back: Valerie O’Sullivan, Karie O’Toole, Liz Galwey, John O’Mahony, Paddy Maher, Paudie Cronin and john Reidy. Pic from Valerie’s IPhone 7-2-2014