The Earls of Desmond: The Rise and Fall of a Munster Lordship

 Author, Gerald O'Carroll will launch his new book in Tralee on Thursday night.
Author, Gerald O’Carroll will launch his new book in Tralee on Thursday night.

A book that looks a certain ‘must have’ will be launched in Tralee on Thursday night, February 13th.  Tralee native, historian and writer, Gerald O’Carroll will launch his new book, ‘The Earls of Desmond: The Rise and Fall of a Munster Lordship, at O’Donnell’s Bar and Restaurant, Mounthawk from 8.15 pm. The book is already on sale at Eason’s in Tralee.

For those who can make it to the launch on Thursday night it provides them with an opportunity to have the book/s signed by the author; for those who can’t, the book can also be purchased on Amazon.

The list of wide-ranging topics from the era includes the following:

Outpost of the Angevin Empire, Cousins of Royalty;

County Limerick – Nucleus of the Geraldine Lordship;

Part-Settlement of Kerry and the Inheritance of Decies;

Thomas an Appa, Contemporary of Dante and the Ninth Crusade, 1271-72;

The Opportunistic Maurice FitzThomas, first Earl of Desmond

1329: Creation of the Earldom of Desmond after the Mortimer Coup d’Etat;

The Hundred Years War and Moves to Make Desmond King of Ireland;

The Magical Poetical Third Earl: Gearóid Iarla;

The Lancastrian Succession and the Rise of Burgundy;

Drowning in the River Suir and the Overthrow of an Earl of Desmond;

The Gaelic Resurgence and the Wild Boar Device;

The Seventh Earl: the Imokilly and Dromana Geraldines;

Execution at Drogheda in the Wars of the Roses;

Richard III Sends the Earl a Gold Collar with Boar Pendant;

The Kildare Geraldines Seek an Ally in Burgundy;

Maurice, the Lame Earl, Supporter of Coups against King Henry VII;

The ‘Undoubted Earl’ Makes Treaty with Valois France;

The Treaty of Dingle, April 1529;

The Fall of the House of Desmond;

The Bald Earl, 1529-1534, and the Protestant Reformation;

Murder of the Rightful Heir; Implementing the Religious Revolution of Henry VIII; The Many Marriages of James FitzJohn; Gerald, Last Reigning Desmond Earl; First Desmond Rebellion: James FitzMaurice and the Counter-Reformation; Gerald’s Return to Ireland and the Second Desmond Rebellion; Earl Gerald Joins the Rebels; Ormond Leads the Royal Army; Santander to Dún an Óir: Massacre in November 1580; The Killing of Earl Gerald at Glounageenta;

Attainder of the Earl of Desmond and the Fall of Gaelic Ireland;

The Munster Plantation and the Nine Years War;

Finín (Florence) MacCarthy Mór and the Súgán Earl of Desmond;

Kinsale and the Fall of Gaelic Ireland;

King James, a Second Plantation of Munster and 40 Town Charters;

Aftermath and The Blood Line of the Earls of Desmond.