It’s Phase 2 for The Maine Valley Post

Advert FlyerIt feels like Phase 2 of the development in the young life of The Maine Valley Post and maybe it is.

However, it is also a case of business as usual as we are now almost a month down the road from the low-key launch of our daily news website.

I had the idea of keeping the old, clickable, flickable format, newspaper style going as we creep further into this new millennium. But my co-defendant and son, Micheal has dragged and nudged me into this brave and bright new era.

His promptings  –  and those of our growing readership –  have been the wind beneath the still unfolding wings of The Maine Valley Post and the guides to where our flight-path lies.

Getting High

This is an era in which we can open a box of photographic papers in broad daylight and make prints with the touch of a button and without getting high on chemicals or our fingers blistered or wet.

This is an era in which people at home are making and reporting news on a daily basis.

It is an era in which newspapers and magazines are feeding off those sites for the bulk of their editorial and photographic content and recycling it as news.

And that’s just an indication of the power that people now have in their own hands and at their disposal.

Posting Adverts

This is an era in which people are minding their own business like never before and posting adverts on their own facebook and website pages.

It is an era in which the cost of advertising will be driven down to unprecedented levels.

We have taken stock of what readers have liked or lumped over the past few months and what potential advertisers are looking for.

We’d like to be the ‘economy airline’ on which you’ll want to get your business off the ground. We understand. We’re in the same plane, boat or train.

Last week we launched The Maine Valley Post €10 – per week advertising campaign. It means just as it’s printed here. Your advert will be there, live on our site, 24 hours of the day – seven days of the week. And we’re open to Tinkers, Tailors, Soldiers and Sailors and, indeed, any other business.

If you decide to advertise with us, one click on your advert on our site will bring readers straight to your website or facebook page. Check it out on any of the adverts here. And do, please, support our advertisers.

Browse Through

Your customers, existing or potential, will then be able to browse through all you have to offer and all you couldn’t even hope to get onto a conventional advert.

You will also see from our flyer that we attracted over 10,000 visitors to our site on the first four weeks after the launch.

We’re delighted at the response of our readers to what we’re doing together. This is a genuine community news centre and we’d like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all those who have browsed, contributed or liked our site.

We look forward to hearing from you.

With Kind Regards…John Reidy   087 2359467