All Set for Great St. Patrick’s Day

“We got an estimated 3,000 people on the street here last year and there’s no reason we shouldn’t do better than that this year,” – Charlie Farrelly.

There are people here who point to the parade of 2004 as the first of the really big events of its kind in Castleisland.

It was estimated at the time that anything up to 5,000 people lined every square foot of the parade route along Main Street – upper and lower.

God be good to Paddy Nelligan – but he estimated that, on a per capita basis, only the parade in Dublin could match what we had here on that day.

The 2004 parade was held in glorious sunshine and Charlie Farrelly’s face was all over the town on posters for that year’s Kerry County Council elections. Thirty-one floats took part on that high-bar-setting year. There have been great years since of course.

Source of Pride

The Castleisland parade is a huge source of pride and joy to those who go out in the wind and rain to collect the few bob they need for insurance and to make the day happen. Again, it’s the few working for the good of so many.

They were , the same few, also out on a freezing cold and wet Sunday morning last week decorating the town with colour. You can say your own ‘Well Done Boys’ by simply turning up and applauding the ‘Passing Parade’ and remembering St. Patrick at the same time. Remembering St. Patrick ? Now that would be some trick. That should be: honouring St. Patrick.  The organisers often stress the vital role of the ‘innocent bystander’ in the overall picture.

Photographs from Overseas

A Happy St. Patrick’s Day to Castleisland and Kerry people throughout the world. If you’d like to send us a photograph of your celebrations – where ever you are – we’d be delighted to ‘Put it in The Post.’ Photographs can be sent to:

Back here in 2014: Parade organising committee chairman, Charlie Farrelly and spokesman, Ted Kenny have issued their annual appeal to everyone in the vicinity of the Maine Valley to drop in for the big St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Monday.

It all gets under way from McElligott’s yard on the Tralee Road at 1-30pm. For the sake of traffic flow they’re advising people or groups with floats to get there no later than 1pm. They have delayed the start by half an hour to allow for the street music and entertainment to run its course.

52 Floats Last Year

Last year the Castleisland parade attracted a total of 52 floats and the organisers are urging all associations, committees, groups and schools to really pull out every stop to make this a record turnout.

“We got an estimated 3,000 people on the street here last year and there’s no reason we shouldn’t do better than that this year,” said committee chairman, Charlie Farrelly.

Forecast Good

Due to the overwhelmingly high cost of insurance the committee decided not to hold its traditional, post-parade concert on the rig.

The forecast for the days leading up to and including the day itself is reported to be good. The fine weather always makes for a more enjoyable, relaxed occasion on days like this. Do bring a coat though – it is only March after all and the Lion is still growling.

Charlie Farrelly is on 087 2056150 or Ted Kenny on: 087 2842899 – if you need any further information on this Monday’s parade.