‘Catch this Wave and Save’ with Surfing Santa

Santa as you've never seen or even thought of him. Credit Union members will understand.
Santa as you’ve never seen or even thought of him. All Tralee Credit Union branch members will understand.

You might think it’s a bit mad to have a Surfing Santa in a window display but that is what Tralee Credit Union currently posted in their head-office window on Ashe Street, Tralee. Why? – you might ask in the middle of summer!  This week is in fact the half way mark to Christmas with 26 weeks to go.

Tralee Credit Union – of which the busy Castleisland office is a branch – is subtly reminding everyone that over the next 26 weeks there is still time to save for the most expensive time of year. If you start this week, saving a little every week will add up to a lot by Christmas.

Tralee Credit Union’s CEO, Fintan Ryan explains the thinking behind the idea and the benefits to TCU members throughout all its branches:

“We’ve done this a few years now and seen, first hand, at Christmas the positive response from members who took our advice.  This year we thought a Surfing Santa might be a subtle reminder for people to “Catch this Wave and Save” We are not trying to depress anyone by focusing in on Christmas we simply want to relieve the financial stress by planting the ‘saving seed’ in people’s minds. If you start saving €10 this week and every week to Christmas, you’ll have €260 saved, save €20 a week you’ll have €520 saved, whatever amount you can afford really,” said Mr. Ryan.

He also pointed to an even easier way to save for ‘that’ time of year for the hard-pressed pocket:

“A great way to save, and many people find the easiest way,  is with Tralee Credit Union’s €2 Saving Stamps. They can now be bought at a store near you. Saving is a habit and, as the weeks go by, you begin not to miss the money and you’ll soon see how quickly your savings amount to a nice tidy sum,” Mr. Ryan concluded.