“That’s Dan – out theDoor”

It was some funeral – but not as we know funerals – and we know our funerals. There’s always someone who’ll say just the right thing at the right time. Of all the favourable remarks on the bikers’ colourful, genuine and heart-felt tribute to the late Dan Riordan (49) at his funeral in Castleisland today one man summed it up to perfection: “That’s Dan – out the door,” in response to the amazing turnout of his fellow bikers. That would be our way of saying: “That’s him -down to the ground.” Where normal people would say something like: ‘That’s just the kind of thing he’d want to do.”

It was a day that did justice to Dan – if that was ever possible to do – they went very close to it today. He would have been proud of the send-off he got from the Parish Church of Saints Stephen and John to Kilbanivane and all the detours possible in between.

I felt too that the people of the town here appreciated the fact that so many of his biking colleagues turned out to pay such a tribute to one of our own. May he rest in Peace.