Hercoileán is Introduced to An t’Oileán

The Hercoileán ‘Military Style Challenge’ was launched at An Riocht AC on Wednesday with the highest possible profile by members of the Munster Rugby team.

After they had a serious work-out in the gym indoors and time to wind down, the team members, including local hero, JJ Hanrahan and Ireland and Munster’s, Donnacha O’Callaghan cheerfully did the honours on the grass within the track.

The name is drawn from Roman / Greek mythology with the finishing touch as Gaeilge. It sounds like a name and notion that will catch on here.

The event, which will be staged on Saturday, October 11th is a joint venture between An Riocht Athletic Club and Castleisland Rugby Club and will be run over a course of 7.5km in distance.

“Think military bootcamp meets childhood fantasy,” said Kate McSweeney, An Riocht at the launch.

“Think of taking on the world and getting pretty messed up doing so. This style of event has become all the rage and it’s time that we in ‘The Island’ took it on!” said Kate.

Competitors will be faced with a variety of obstacles as they make their way around the course which will use the neighbouring grounds of both clubs. There, strategically positioned obstacles will test the body and mind.

However, while getting through the course the activities are sure to make you laugh out loud and leave you with a feel good factor!!

“It is sure to be a truly unique event and makes a great change from the regular 5K or 10K runs. Hercoileán can be a competitive experience or just completed at your own pace. Teams and individuals will have the option of taking on the clock or putting aside the competitive aspect for the sake of simply having the craic…..also very important!,” said Kate.

“It’s true that strength comes in numbers – usually anyway!! Hercoileán can be done as an individual test but we recommend that you partake as part of a team!! Put together a team of three and take on the course together. It will mean tackling each and every obstacle together as well as having someone to curse your way around the course with!! Once completed, it’s the perfect excuse to get together for a celebration of your athleticism, toughness and heroism on the day….or simply a time to revel in your combined ability to look ridiculous whilst overcoming obstacles,” said Kate as she sells the idea with great enthusiasm.

Festival Feel: There is sure to be a festival atmosphere throughout the day and around the town. The after-party planned is sure to attract the masses with details to be announced in the coming days!! Exciting times ahead!!

An Riocht will be taking entries from Tuesday, August 4th. Places are limited and you’re advised to enter early to avoid disappointment. The entry fees are: Individual: €30 and team: €80