MVP Source Acknowledged by the Irish Examiner

Page 7 of Friday's Irish Examiner which carried the 'Medal Story' - first reported by The Maine Valley Post.
Page 7 of Friday’s Irish Examiner which carried the ‘Medal Story’ – first reported by The Maine Valley Post.

The Maine Valley Post got a nice mention in yesterday’s Irish Examiner in relation to the story of the lost / found World War 1 Medal belonging to Tralee native, Denis Tangney. The medal was found by Dermot McCarthy in a cottage in Dysart in 2000 and returned to a grandson, of the late Denis Tangney, Robert Tangney only last Sunday evening.

IE reporter, Niall Murray acknowledged his source as the MVP. It’s an old fashioned act of courtesy which was as much a part of journalism as ring-bound note-books, typewriters and a thirst for after hours drinking.

It’s also a trait that’s sadly lacking in today’s tattered code of ethics. It’s one which is unlikely to be passed on to anyone entering the trade in this present age and climate.

The Maine Valley Post will soon be celebrating its first year in existence and we are delighted, first of all, that we’re still here and then for all the support and all the friends and all the Likes and Shares.

To say a proper ‘thank you’ for that support we’re hoping to have a few gifts to give away in competitions – the rules for which we’re still deviously devising.

Anyone who would like to put something in our gifts basket for our friends can do so by contacting: 087 2359467.

I know that was a bit of a trumpet blast but it’s always nice to see a small, local outlet like The Maine Valley Post being acknowledged on the kind of stage occupied by the likes of the Irish Examiner. And it’s just good manners anyway.  P.S. If you missed the original medal story you can still scroll down to the stories loaded on August 7th.