Gardai Appeal to Public after heartless Pet Farm Raid

pugGARDAI in the Killarney area are racing against the clock and are anxious  to track down thieves who snatched a litter of new-born puppies and other much-loved family pets and a variety of rare birds in a daring after dark raid on a pet farm in Killarney the early hours of this Saturday morning.

Fears have been expressed for the safety of four three-week-old pups that have not been weaned and are likely to die if they are not returned to their mother.

The raiders pounced at Kennedy’s Pet Farm and made off with a litter of shih tzu pups as well as three pugs, a chihuahua, a gentle golden retriever and six pheasants.

The discovery was made by the farm owners when they went to feed the animals at 8 o’clock this Saturday morning.

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