Bernadette’s Beautiful Experience on The Green

People’s Art, Dublin is a visual feast.  An open-air art exhibition held six weekends a year, from Friday to Sunday, on the railings around the beautiful St. Stephen’s Green. Dozens of artists, both amateur and established, travel from all over the country to display and sell their work. I have always wanted to experience exhibiting there, and so I did, during the last weekend of July, just gone by.

Artist Bernadette O'Sullivan reflecting on an eye opening experience around the People's Art Exhibition on Stephen's Green.
Artist Bernadette O’Sullivan reflecting on an eye opening experience around the People’s Art Exhibition on Stephen’s Green.

With the warm sun smiling down on us every day and the shade of the trees cooling us in the summer heat, I couldn’t have been luckier in choosing a first time to take part. It was just magical. I devoured every sight, sound and colour all around me as Dublin cosmopolitan life went by.  Artists pay €25 for one space (approx.  8ft x height of railings) and can get a max of two spaces.  Art groups are also welcome.

 I was delighted to be allocated a space on the north side of the green, just up the road from The Shelbourne Hotel – who I must say are as equally welcoming to the artist using their facilities as to the actor Gabriel Byrne, who I saw alighting their steps.  My space was also right next to the middle entrance to the park where I could see directly to the large pond.  I had read online about the camaraderie and helpfulness amongst the exhibitors and that certainly proved true for me.

My nearest neighbour, an artist named Robbie Teeling was warmly willing to help a newbie like myself and shared many helpful tips to make for a smooth three days.  Robbie, of Dublin parents but born and brought up in South Africa is a fantastic artist with spectacular attention to detail.  His African heritage is obvious in his captivating paintings of wildlife but his ability to pin down ‘Irishness’ in his recent paintings is equally stunning.

I fell in love with this one of an Irish postman awkwardly but tenderly holding a cat and another ‘The Flutist’ which captures accurately the far away look in the eye of a musician lost in his tune.  Check out his beautiful work on his  For any artist, People’s Art on Stephen’s Green is a great learning experience.  Just chatting to other exhibitors throughout the three day weekend inevitably throws up invaluable gems of information about any and every subject to do with art.  My advice to any individual or group considering it,  is to keep your pieces around A4 size or smaller.

Sure, you might get lucky and sell a large painting but I  believe your target is the impulsive purchase from the passer-by with a considered budget to spend on an original work of art.  Plus smaller items are much easier to transport. The next People’s Art weekend is Fri 19th / Sat 20th / Sun 21rd September.  Check out their website for lots more information.  Feel free also to contact myself with any further queries and remember –  keep drawing – it’s the foundation of all great art.

Bernadette can be contacted on 087 28 04574 or by email:  or through her website:

Bernadette recommended a visit to Robert Teeling’s website:  and to the ‘People’s Art’ site at: