Take in Kearney’s Country on Sunday Nights

Tuning up for Kearney's Country in town from 7-9pm. Tony Halsall (left) with poster artist, Rachel Gallagher and Aoife and Proinnsias O'Sullivan before their performance at Kearney's Bar on Sunday evening. ©Photograph: John Reidy
Tuning up for Kearney’s Country in town from 7-9pm. Tony Halsall (left) with poster artist, Rachel Gallagher and Aoife and Proinnsias O’Sullivan before their performance at Kearney’s Bar on Sunday evening. ©Photograph: John Reidy

In the course of its long and chequered history the house we now know as Kearney’s Bar gave rise to the legendary Castleisland Medium.

This is believed to be in the 1940s and ’50s when the bar and house was occupied by the Wrenn family.

Only in McHale’s lovely little pub in Castlebar did I come across anything to equal the initiative taken by the landlady here during the height of the era of Castleisland’s busy street fairs. .

Towns and villages around the country have built festivals around a lot less. But that’s work for another day.

The present-day host Johnny Cahill wears his heart very much on his sleeve when it comes to his taste in music.

His just launched initiative ‘Kearney’s Country’ might provide a hint to his musical orientation but the walls of the spacious bar leaves one in no doubt.

Johnny Cash, Don Williams, a squinting Clint Eastwood and the like will meet you eye to eye if you care to take look over the rim of your glass.

A notice appeared on the back wall a couple of weeks ago. At a distance it looked like an old enamelled sign. But that was all down to the skills of the artist. And it’s all in-house.

Rachel Gallagher’s artwork is eye-catchingly real. The bullet holes look like they’re rusting around the edge where the enamel has been blown off.

Kearney’s Country is a great night of Country Music every Sunday evening from 7pm. to 9pm. and it  features the father and daughter act, Proinnsias and Aoife O’Sullivan.

They have appeared on national tv performing duets by Mily and Billy RaeCyrus.

They are joined on banjo and fiddle by Tony Halsall who has over 20 years experience on the road with Flight of Earls.

The legendary, Pat Pierse – who has toured North America and Australia extensively – completes the line-up. And they’re drawing the crowds as word of their regular gig gets around.

The band is also equipped with a roving mic and anyone who would like to sing a song or play guitar – or both – on the night will be more than welcome.

The band members are looking forward to some great country music and crack at Kearney’s Country every Sunday 7pm  to 9pm