Summit to Sea win for Super Athlete, Jerry

Castleisland athlete, Jerry O'Sullivan is racking up an impressive list of results in some of Ireland's toughest challenges. ©Photograph: John Reidy
Castleisland athlete, Jerry O’Sullivan is racking up an impressive list of results in some of Ireland’s toughest challenges. ©Photograph: John Reidy

Congratulations are sincerely due to College Road super athlete, Jerry O’Sullivan. It may be a sign of my age but I damn nearly gave him a McMahon surname there. Jerry won the National Adventure Race Sports series as a result of his win in the Sea-to-Summit Men’s category in Westport on Saturday.

The race incorporated a 4K run, a 10K cycle to the base of Croagh Patrick and a run up and down the world famous mountain. This was followed by a 12K cycle back to the quay in Westport and a 4k run to the finish lin in the town centre. Jerry completed the course in a record time of 1h.35m.31s and over 1,000 athletes competed in the race.

The national series is made up of nine races with the best four results counting. Jerry competed in five of these races and won the necessary four while finishing third in the other and thereby scoring the maximum of 400 points. He also finished third in Ireland in the senior expert category races with a winning time of over three hours. These included races and finishes in: Dingle (4th) Killarney (4th) Waterford (2nd) and a second place finish in the  Galway to Mayo Gael Force West race in which over 1,600 competitors took part.

He amassed a total of 391 points out of 400 in this category. Good man, Jerry.

Don’t feel a bit ashamed if you feel like lying down after reading that.