Prionnsias’ Showcase of Talent on You Tube

Prionnsias O'Sullivan
Prionnsias O’Sullivan released his Van Houten Fields song on You Tube

Another of our valley’s talented people has gone public with a fine piece of penmanship. I menioned, here recently, the fact that Prionnsias O’Sullivan and his daughter Aoife along with Pat Pierse and Tony Halsall has taken up a Sunday evening ‘residency’ in Kearney’s Bar from to 9pm. They occupy the slot now known as Kearney’s Country and its popularity is growing by the week.

Prionnsias has turned to You Tube to release a song he wrote during a recent trip to Van Houten Fields – the area of New York after which the song is named.

“Van Houten Fields is an area I stayed in recently in West Nyack, New York by the Hudson River on the west side of the Tapanzee Bridge. It’s a beautiful, picturesque area not unlike Killarney National Park.

The inspiration for the song came out of the incredible amount of leaves shedding from the tallest trees I have ever seen. I wrote it from the perspective of an Irish emmigrant dreaming of both places as I was once myself,” Prionnsias explained.

And a few lines from the song: I can still see the leaves falling from Van Houten Fields, We kicked our way through Autumn’s golden gown, I look back over the years as I fight back the tears and dream about my little Irish town.  Chorous: Eagles flying high, the tall trees scrape the sky, there’s a train blowin its horn headin for New York, I can still see your smile back in the Emerald Isle,  You kissed me and I sailed away from Cork etc….

You can catch his performance by clicking on the link here: