Boys’ National Panto Opening at the Ivy Leaf Tonight

Christmas is coming and not alone are the geese getting fat, but the Big Bad Wolf is getting even fatter – the result of his huge and not always quite legitimate appetite! But he must answer for his crimes in court.

So must Goldilocks, charged with breaking and entering and causing malicious damage to the house of the Three Bears.
No, the D.P.P. hasn’t gone nuts! It’s Panto time again in The Boys’ National. This year’s production is ‘Disorder In The Court’ and it promises to be the best yet!

There is the usual mixture of music and mayhem, along with colourful costumes and dance.
All the colour and craft and behind-the-scenes graft will unfold on the Ivy Leaf Art Centre stage tonight, Tuesday 16th and and tomorrow night, Wednesday 17th of December at 7.30p.m. on both nights.

Tickets are on sale at the school and in Tommy Hickey’s, Main Street and all the indications are that both nights would be a sell-out.