Prayers for Crash Victims as Boy of Three is Treated for Serious Head Injuries

Four people, including two children,  are being treated for serious head and abdominal injuries in Cork University Hospital as a result of last evening’s serious road traffic accident which happened just two kilometers on the Killarney Road outside Farranfore at around 5-30pm.

They were among the crash victims who were airlifted to Cork as the remainder were taken to Kerry General Hospital from the scene of the horrific accident. The accident, which happened in the darkness of the mid winter’s evening, involved two vehicles and occurred at a location where locals recalled several such incidents and one involving a fatality within living memory.

Local photographer, Tony O’Brien described the scene as one of pure carnage. “I’ve seen a good few road accidents in my time but the scene on the road there this evening was one of pure carnage. There was debris scattered all over the road and over a wide area. There was complete silence on the scene while I was there. I think that even the firemen and the guards there were shocked themselves,” said Mr. O’Brien.

Mr. O’Brien also said that the people of the locality were joining, in their own way, in the prayers of family and friends for the recovery of those injured in the crash. One of those, a boy of just three-years-of-age is being treated for serious head injuries – according to a report by RTÉ Southern editor, Paschal Sheehy in a bulletin this morning.