Harsh winter weather can spell doom for our garden birds – BirdWatch Ireland

Feed the Birds 1
A wary Chaffinch drops in for breakfast as the cold snap bites this morning. ©Photograph: John Reidy

BirdWatch Ireland has issued a warning on the risk posed to our bird population by the current cold spell. It’s also a reminder to the public that it’s time for those of us who are ‘For the Birds’ to step up to the bird-table.

In the Castleisland area Browne’s Agri & Builders Suppliers stock a huge range of seeds, nuts and fat balls as well as holders and tables of all descriptions. I know that most of the schools in the area also look after our feathered friends. Well, it’s now they need it more that ever as the weather is completely against them catering for themselves.

“The current cold spell across the country is making life hard for our garden birds.  As temperatures drop, so the birds need to eat as much high energy food as possible to try to keep warm.

Feed the Birds 2
A Goldfinch trio breakfasting on Peanuts early this morning. ©Photograph: John Reidy

Unfortunately, it is still too early for there to be many insects around, and most of the berries on garden trees and bushes have already been eaten.

In situations like this, very often birds must make do with searching the ground for whatever seeds and scraps they can find; heavy snowfall, of course, will prevent them from doing even that,” according to the BirdWatch Ireland website.

It could be a case of ‘Don’t give us this day your daily Bread’ as bread is not good for their systems.

You can learn this and much more if you access the site with a click on the link here and find out what’s suitable and, just as important, what’s not.