World Premiere for ‘The Mountainy Puck’ on Mall Stage

“All these twists and turns lead to an interesting and intriguingly funny production,” – Spike Players’ spokesperson. ©Photograph: John Reidy

The latest offering from the Knocknagoshel based, Spike Players Drama Group is ‘The Mountainy Puck’ – the origins of which are veiled in mystery.

And, a group spokesperson said that they have a World Premiere on their hands after “the script landed out of the blue and into our laps a couple of months ago.”

It is due to go on stage at the local community centre for a five-night run on: Saturday, January 31st and Sunday, February 1st. Then on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, February 6th, 7th and 8th of the following weekend at 8pm nightly.

The play is rooted in 1970s Ireland and the setting is rural and agricultural. It tracks ordinary, country characters going about their daily business. Sometimes according to plan while at other times not quite so. This is all played out with humorous and unexpected results.

Many situations and emotions are involved from within the family to neighbourly rivalry. There is lust and love and lost love involved in the meandering of the plot.

“There is no shortage of cunning and a few cute hoors who happen to be in the right place at the right time,” said a group spokesperson.

In there too is the common, human perception and weakness in thinking far-away hills are green and missing what is right under our noses.

“All these twists and turns lead to an interesting and intriguingly funny production,” said the spokesperson.

“This play, which we believe to be an original, was never before staged anywhere and it arrived at the doors of Spike Players in recent months. The exact identity of the author is not yet fully established. However, the writer does have a great knowledge of rural and agricultural Ireland in the 70s,” the spokesperson conceded.

The main part, Mary is played by Marion Leahy. Her twin brother, Mike by Bertie Hickey and their younger brother, Tom is played by Fred Browne. A friendly neighbour,  Paddy is played by Chris Barrett. The cast includes:  Noreen O’Callaghan, Michael Finnegan, Lil Doody, Gerard Joy and Mairead Brosnan.

Curtain up nightly at 8pm and Bookings can be made on: 087 180 1118. Information on the group’s Facebook can be accessed through the link: