Main Street Outbuilding Fire Brought Quickly Under Control

Castleisland Fire Brigade members quickly brought a fire in a shed at the rear of the landmark Hartnett’s Bar under control this afternoon. The fire was first spotted at around 3pm when smoke began to billow from the two-story sheds on the Limerick Road / Main Street junction.
A crowd of onlookers gathered as the smoke rose into the air and flames began to lick at the roof of the building. The outbuildings are not attached to the dwelling areas and are built on the site of the old ‘Bake-house’ in Hartnett’s yard. Nobody was injured and there was no immediate, reported loss in terms of goods stored there.
However, it is felt that the remains of the structure were damaged enough to warrant it being demolished on safety grounds.
The neighbouring Hartnett’s Bar proprietor, Jerome Hartnett said the brigade was on the site of the fire very quickly and they did what they could to limit the damage to the property owned by his extended family members.
“I couldn’t praise them enough for the way they went about the job and for their professionalism. At this stage we think it may have been an electrical fault but we’ll have to find out more. The important thing is that there was no one injured,” said Mr. Hartnett.