Cahereens West Celebrates Corpus Christi Procession

With a gesture as sincere and solemn as any other he had issued all evening, Monsignor Dan O’Riordan raised his face and hands heaven-ward and thanked the Lord for a wonderful, if threatening evening’s weather.

He knew he spoke for his flock at Cahereens West too as they fretted and threw nervous glances at an ominous south-westerly sky. They wondered aloud and looked for assurance that the rain wouldn’t arrive on that stiff breeze at any moment. It didn’t. The residents knew they had more that a fair shake of faith and luck on their side as they welcomed the 2015 Corpus Christi Procession to their estate.

Appreciative Ears

The work had been done and words of praise for the appearance of the estate had been falling on their appreciative ears all evening. It would have been all in vain if it had rained but it’s better the evening got as the all-important ceremony got underway at the base of the T in the estate.

Then Monsignor O’Riordan led his flock up to where the newly constructed grotto awaited his blessing. This, apart from his heavenward gesture, was the final act of the beautiful evening.

It was a complete triumph for the community leaders in Cahereens and it’s surely a blueprint for how estates can be managed from within when the will is there.

Spokesperson, Mary Horan said the residents are delighted to have played hosts to the crowd which turned up for one of the town’s great and oldest traditions.

Back to Work

“We’d like to thank the Presentation sisters and ‘Fr. Dan’ for the use of the Cross and cloths for the altar. We were delighted to see such a crowd and the Holy Communion kids were brilliant and we had treats for them after the ceremony. A lot of work went into the preparations for last evening and we’re all happy that everything went off so well.

It’s back to work for us now every Tuesday evening at 7pm – weather permitting – and we’d like to make an impression on the Tidy Towns adjudicators now,” said Mary.

The committee can indeed take great credit for the appearance and welcome they provided last evening. They were taking compliments from all quarters and they were well deserved.

See below a selection of windows along the route of Saturday evening’s procession. From the annual and seasoned windows of Church Street to the once-in-a-while appearances over the rest of the route.