There’s More to Our Adverts than Meets the Eye

Since we launched The Maine Valley Post in its present format in January 2014 one of the most frequent questions is about how advertising works in this, still, new world of online news websites.

The answer is simply that it works really well and on several levels.

While the editorial and pictorial content are out there and plain for all to see, the adverts are slightly more intriguing when you consider the amount of information laying in wait for your click.

Clicking on any of the adverts on The Maine Valley Post brings them to life – those with the back-up of a website or Facebook page. It opens them up and reveals a lot more about the business behind the advert and all you need to know.

Take the banner advert for Rhyno Mills for example: A click there will take you on a tour of all the 1926 established business has to offer.

But there’s more: There’s also a history tour of the business and a treasure trove of old photographs of times past.

Browne’s Agri and Builders’ Providers display all they have to offer in their ever expanding business. Here, again, a click on the advert takes you behind the scenes.

Garvey’s SuperValu run a constant stream of super-value deals in their Church Street store and Jack Shanahan’s Haven Pharmacy also reveal all they have to offer on their sites.

The picture gallery of screen grabs with this piece takes a look behind the face of the adverts and shows you a sample of what you can find there.

So, it’s a bit like walking down a street full of shopping opportunities and stopping and checking out what’s on offer. Have a browse and a click and see for yourself.

Anyone with any queries on advertising with us can make contact on 087 23 59 467 or email us at: and we’ll take it from there.