HERBALIFE: Here to Help You every Step of the Way

Maggie Large is an independent Herbalife distributor. ©Photograph: John Reidy
Maggie Large is an independent Herbalife distributor. ©Photograph: John Reidy

North Kerry fitness instructor and Herbalife independent distributor, Maggie Large was invited to travel to Barcelona recently for the launch of a new sports drink, CR7 DRIVE.
The energy giving drink has been developed with Herbalife 24 in conjunction with Christanio Renaldo. CR7 rapidly fuels your workout and enhances hydration.

You can order your free sample today through the links at the end of this article.
Maggie is now looking for people to join her team. By becoming an independent Herbalife distributer you can boost your income while helping people meet their daily nutritional needs.
Work either full or part time to suit your schedule. Work from home and decide the hours that suit you.
So, if you want to earn extra money, selling products underpinned by science and used by millions of customers every day – why not join a ‘Large’ network of independent members with associates in over 92 countries.
You will receive tried and tested training and support.. Ring Maggie today on 087 9866533.
Obesity Statistics
We all know the health risks associated with being overweight. Obesity statistics for Ireland have been going in the wrong direction for the past couple of decades.
We know the extent of the problem and we have expert predictions of where it’s leading us. The prognosis on the health of our population paints a grim picture.
Overweight people run a high risk of coronary heart disease. Unchecked, this leads to heart failure. Your chances of high blood pressure are greater if you are overweight or obese. Being overweight or ‘carrying the few pounds’ – as we euphemistically refer to it – can lead to a build-up of plaque in the arteries.
Life Arresting
This pushes those in the overweight lane right into the path of an oncoming stroke – with all its life arresting complications and disabilities. Most people who have Type-Two Diabetes are overweight and are burdened by the added dangers of high blood pressure and cholesterol. Being overweight or obese increases your risk of serious diseases: Cancer of the colon, breast and gallbladder are common among those in the overweight or obese categories. Extra weight puts pressure and undue ‘wear and tear’ on the joints resulting in osteoarthritis.
Dangers Posed
We’ve known all of this for years! Why then are the stats still pointing in the wrong direction? What are we doing about it?  Where do we look to for a way out of the dangers posed? To what or to whom do we turn for guidance and help?
Obesity happens. It creeps up on you one sneaky pound at a time and it leads you right into trouble. Prevention through awareness and education is the best possible solution to our looming health problems .
Help is at Hand
However, for those already in the danger zone help is at hand: Arresting the development of obesity is also a pound-at-a-time  exercise.
If you’re trying to lose weight and you’re disappointed at your daily, poor showings on scales or by tape and your condition is reflected in the previous paragraphs, then, may I respectfully suggest that you read on:
Herbalife weight management solutions are for you. Combining cutting edge science with delicious shakes and snacks, the Herbalife weight management products can help you lose those unwanted pounds.
Rewarding Aspect
“Making a difference to other people’s lives is probably the most rewarding aspect of becoming a Herbalife distributor,” said Ms. Large.
”I want to improve the well-being of my friends, my community and of the people all over Munster. I certainly want to change and improve the lives of those who engage with me on this venture.
”So, your struggle with your weight is dominating your life and getting you down. Make today ‘Your Day’ the day that you could have it within your power to change your life forever. I’m here to help you through every pound and every step of the way,” said Ms. Large.
Sports Performance
Herbalife also provides a range of products to enhance sports performance to a wide range of skin products.
“The Herbalife philosophy takes a holistic or all-round approach to your health and well being. We believe that looking good on the outside means that there’s an inner glow of good health behind that outward appearance.”
Ring Maggie on 087 98 66 533. You can find her on Facebook or by clicking here or on the advert on this page.