Ciara and Lorcan heading for Greece on a Truly Irish Mercy Mission

There was a Truly Irish sense of occasion and purpose at a gathering at McAuliffe Trucking at Fahadubh on Sunday morning.
The Lady Caitriona was loaded with a cargo of food and clothing and bound to leave the depot before mid-day.
A gang of staff and well-wishers gathered to see the co-drivers, Lorcan Regan from Knocknagoshel and Ciara Sheehy from Blennerville off on their almost week-long trip to a refugee camp in Greece.
The Truly Irish trailer caught the Irish Ferries Oscar Wilde later on Sunday and headed for the French port of Cherbourg.

Humanitarian Aid
“We are delighted to tell you that our friends at McAuliffe Trucking Company are carrying 24 pallets of emergency humanitarian aid to a refugee camp in Greece for Help for Humans – Kerry, Ireland,” said a spokesperson for Truly Irish as the large container made its way over land and sea.
Thousands and thousands of donations of clothing, toys, sleeping bags, nappies, tents, medical supplies and basic essentials were collect by Help for Humans over the last couple of months. A huge supply of Truly Irish Oat Granola is also on board and bound for the unfortunate victims of Europe’s latest outbreak of human suffering as winter closes in.
“Please join us in wishing the two drivers, Ciara and Lorcan the very best of luck and thank Help for Humans for the amazing work they are doing,” said the spokesperson.

Full-Time Drivers

Both Ciara and Lorcan are full time drivers, Ciara with Martin Ryan & Sons Haulage, Cappamore Co. Limerick and Lorcan with McAuliffe Trucking Co.
Ciara was given two weeks off by her employers to take on this mission.
Colleague’s were only delighted to report on the romantic link between the two drivers as they headed off on their important and potentially life-saving mercy mission.
You can follow the progress of Ciara and Lorcan and the Truly Irish trailer as they make their way across Europe on the McAuliffe Trucking Facebook page. Just click here and you’re in: