Huge Response to Community College Open Night

Castleisland Community College management and staff sent a massive thank you to all parents and pupils in its catchment area after the hugely successful and annual ‘Open Night’ on Wednesday.
The evening was introduced by the chairperson of the student council, Neil Brosnan, who spoke of his school experiences at the college and his aspirations for the future.
Neil spoke of the student council’s input to policy development within the school and of how the council has an active voice in the school.
He spoke about the new reflection room The Daisy Corner  and the development of a Next Steps Bbooklet which is a student friendly resource for incoming first year’s. Neil also launched the new school website.

Whole School Inspection
Principal, Carmel Kelly spoke about the recent Whole School Inspection, final report in August 2015. She referenced what the parents /guardians and students reported to the inspectors of their experiences of Castleisland Community College. That 94% of parents said that their child enjoys school and that 98% of parents feel welcome in the school. The same percentage of parents were very happy with the school and feel that the school supports their child’s personal development.
A total of 94% of parents were happy with the quality of teaching and learning in the school while 95% of students reported that they feel safe in the school.
The inspectors from the Department of Education were quick to point out that these percentages were extremely high and a very rare occurrence.
Ms. Kelly, spoke about the community challenging the school to uphold the values of inclusion, respect, quality, equality and learning. She also spoke of educating students to be independent, responsible, caring and compassionate human beings.

Positive Behaviour Management
Deputy Principal, Teresa Lonergan spoke about all the support services available in the school from, positive behaviour management, free after school study for first year’s, the very competitive book rental scheme, Transition Year Programme, extensive subject choice and the very high academic standards achieved by students.
She also informed parents/ guardians of the hot food available daily in the school canteen and the free filtered water for all students. The extracurricular provision was also highlighted to parents/ guardians , from Choir, Computer Coding, Digital Media, Animation, Gaelige Club, Musical instruments group, to the huge range of sporting pursuits available including: basketball, rugby, soccer, football, athletics etc.

Board of Management
Members of the Castleisland Community College, Board of Management and Parents’ Council, supported the event by giving an account of how they, as parents and Board members, experience the college.
Teachers were very active in their respective, subject classrooms where they explored with current and prospective students the curriculums of their subjects. Prospective students had the opportunity to engage with every subject teacher and ask any questions.
The choir and musicians were busily entertaining the guests for the evening in the assembly area as they moved from subject room to subject room, or enjoyed mince pies in the canteen area.

Making Informed Decision
The management of the school has also invited any parent / guardian to feel free to drop in for a copy of the school brochure or to discuss any particular questions they may need answered before making an informed decision about the transition of their child from primary to post primary education.The college telephone contact is: 066 71 41196 and the college website can be accessed on:
The Department of Education and Science conducted Whole School Inspection Report for Castleisland Community College is available on the department website at: