The ‘Old Boys’ were Back in Town

Sheila Prendiville's in Panorama by Seamus Brosnan 17-1-2014. Click on image to enlarge.
Sheila Prendiville’s in Panorama by Seamus Brosnan 17-1-2014. Click on image to enlarge.

A touring group, from the New Jersey, USA based Morris Rugby Corporation has just returned to ‘The States’ after another bond-building visit to Castleisland.
Led by Castleisland native, Seamus Brosnan, the tourists enjoyed the hospitality of the local Rugby club and played an ‘Old Boys’ game on the hallowed Crageens under lights and the most awful weather conditions.
They were treated to fine food and beer in the clubhouse after the friendly game. However, the absence of Guinness led to an evacuation with the fall of ground and they found themselves in Peter Browne’s Bar with pints of their favourite stout at their elbows and music galore.
They also provided the guard of honour for their beloved Munster side in their return-to-form Champions Cup game 26-13 win over Stade Francais at Thomond Park on Saturday.
The touring side’s fondness for porter was instilled in them at Sheila Prendiville’s Bar and Grocery on their first two visits. During the tours of 2013 and 2014 they camped at No.22 and loved the porter there and the ease of access to it.
One of them ordered six pints and was told ‘fill away there yourself.’ Cometh the hour… In stepped David ‘Dauber’ Prendiville to provide a sup-by-sup guide to filling, appreciating and drinking good porter and to the intricacies of the old wooden money drawer. They got a taste for it then and that, I’m convinced, was why they went in search of the same on Friday night.
The Morris Rugby Football Club was founded in September 1977. Many of the early members were solicited from the local colleges as well as many local Morris corporations. Joining the Metropolitan New York Rugby Football Union in 1978, Morris has grown to a size of 50+ players, an Old Boys team and a women’s team. They’ll be back.