Bridie Speaks of her Grief at the Loss of her Son

The late Eamon Curtin’s brave and grieving mother, Bridie spoke to Dónal Nolan for this morning’s issue of The Kerryman.

The age old story of a mother’s pain at the loss of a child jumps off the front page of The Kerryman this morning as the tragedy of such a loss falls on the unfortunate shoulders of another family.
Reporter Dónal Nolan spoke to Bridie Curtin, mother of the late Eamon Curtin who died unexpectedly at her home in Duagh on March 5th

The late Eamon (41) had been suffering from an acquired brain injury he received in a dispute outside a pool hall in Stockholm in February of 2015. This left him in a coma for a month. He had been working on a construction project in Sweden when the unfortunate incident happened.

Eamon was a well known and lively contributor to Castleisland’s social circles up to a couple of years ago when work took him away again – like so many others.

Speaking to The Kerryman, Bridie said that he had been suffering through a recovery which was a painful process. “He had suffered severe brain injury with his short term memory and cognative functions severely impaired – but he was improving,” she told the reporter.
Even so, Eamon had walked a mile on the morning he passed away but she found him collapsed on the floor of the bathroom that evening.
Only last month, Eamon visited his grandmother, Nora Curtin for her 100th birthday celebrations at her home in Knightsmountain and joined in with his father, Eamon senior and family on that remarkable occasion.
You can see the full, tragic story behind Eamon’s passing in this morning’s issue of The Kerryman.