KCC Operatives Sitting at Home as Kerry Roads Deteriorate

A Potholing parody on the roads of Kerry. Photograph: Charlie Farrelly
A Potholing parody on the roads of Kerry. Photograph: Charlie Farrelly

Castleisland based community activist, Charlie Farrelly has taken to Facebook to highlight the problems of potholed roads and Kerry County Council’s attitude to its full time/ seasonal workers.

Mr. Farrelly is one of those workers in the category which sounds like a contradiction in terms – but that’s how they’re listed by the council.

“The potholes continue to get bigger despite Kerry County Council being awarded in excess of €4 million for repairs prior to the general election,” said Mr. Farrelly and he accompanied his piece with a photograph of a wellington booted potholer facing, quite distinctly in the direction of Australia – or, at least where ‘it’ thinks Australia is.

“This funding for Kerry was announced by then Deputy Arthur Spring on February19th. and Kerry County Council is using the excuse that they don’t have the manpower to start these repair works.

“Well I wish to inform the Kerry public that K.C.C. has in excess of 20 drivers and general operatives who are sitting at home having been left off work last October / November.

“Kerry County Council offered the excuse that they had lack of work for these full time / seasonal workers, some of whom are sitting at home for the 20th year in succession.

“Shame on our county councillors and elected national represenatives for letting Kerry County Council continue to treat the people of the county in such a disgraceful way by leaving the county roads in such a deplorable state when they have both the money and the personnel at their disposal,” said Mr. Farrelly.