A Lot to Do on Saturday’s KWD County Clean-Up Day

Castleisland Tidy Towns members are co-ordinating the KWD sponsored County Clean Up again this year and they have made an appeal to volunteers to help in the effort.

 The ‘Clean Up’ takes place on this Saturday, April 2nd. and they’re reaching out, in particular, to those active in the various areas of the town to contact them about bags, gloves, litter pickers and so on.

 People are invited to contact Mary at 086 10 77 704 or Sheila at 086 85 06 421.

 “The clean up will take place on all the approach roads from the speed limits in towards the town and in the estates and residential areas of Castleisland,” said Mary Walsh on behalf of the committee.

For the Good of the Town

“We’re appealing for volunteers in the areas which have no working Tidy Towns group. Thankfully these areas are few but we would like to see residents come together for the good of the town.

“KWD are at pains to stress that this clean up is for litter only and not household rubbish. Special bags are provided for this particular collection and no other bags will be collected.

“As part of our continuing efforts to put a good image of the town before the thousands of motorists who drive our bypass we are looking for a few volunteers to take on litter picks on the bypass at intervals of about two weeks.

 “It has become very unsightly lately and, while the Kerry County Council do their best, they don’t have the workforce nor the resources to clean it on a regular basis,” said Mary.

Material Flung from Passing Cars

On cue on Wednesday, I headed up the bypass and it is indeed littered with signs of fly-tipping and material obviously flung from passing cars. Right on the Mick Galwey Roundabout in Dooneen was a shopping sized bag of rubbish just thrown there and in the process of being scattered by birds and animals on the new Gateway to Kerry.

Also, incredibly, in spite of the fact that dog fouling on pavements and public places has long become as illegal and socially unacceptable as drink driving – it is still and major problem in places.

Locals in the Cahernard area of Killarney Road pointed out a total of 42 brown mounds of dog droppings in an area the size of an average kitchen floor.

You don’t need a degree in dog shit ID to realise it’s all coming from one very productive and very local pet and that the owner must know what it’s up to and where.

You’ll find out all you need to know about the KWD County Clean Up with a click here: http://countycleanup.com