Council Congratulates Public on Success of County Clean-Up Day

Part of the dumping area inside the boundary wall of back gardens of houses along Main Street. ©Photograph: John Reidy

Plastic refuse sacks of rubbish stood on the sides of roads all over the area as monuments to the efforts of community volunteers after the recent County Clean-Up Day.
By their very presence they also reflected the woeful attitude to littering which still lingers with many in that same community. There is a litter black-spot right now in the heart of the town. It has been growing steadily worse in recent months and the variety of the material being dumped there is also expanding.

The dividing wall between Castleisland Co-Op Mart and the back gardens of the houses on Main Street is proving an increasingly handy dumping ground and all kinds of household rubbish is now being deposited there.

Bag of Glass Bottles

A substantial shopping bag full of glass bottles was thrown in there recently. That points to an alarming ignorance of the fact of recycling and the ease of access to such facilities here in town and almost everywhere else now.
There is a lot of what could be classed as scrap metal there as well and old television sets and several types of household appliances make up a fairly depressing trend in that area in recent times.

A car wing and household waste thrown in over garden walls just off Main Street. ©Photograph: John Reidy

Thanks from Kerry County Council
Kerry County Council has expressed its gratitude to everyone who took part in the recent County Clean Up Day.
Chief Executive of Kerry County Council, Moira Murrell paid tribute to over 3,500 people who took to the streets and roads of the county to help maintain the county’s reputation for cleanliness and tidiness.
‘It is testament to the effort of so many individuals and community groups across Kerry that over 15,000 bags of rubbish was collected on the day. It was extremely gratifying to see so many people – young and old – rolling up their sleeves and getting their communities clean and tidy,’ said Moira Murrell.
“There was a great sense of community spirit evident and Kerry County Council was thrilled to be involved in supporting the event which has proven to be so worthwhile over so many years
“Tackling the litter problem in the county requires the support of cooperation of everyone who lives in the county and it is through more initiatives like this that we can ensure that Kerry remains litter-free,” she added.
Kerry County Council thanked the Department of the Environment, KWD, An Taisce Tidy Towns Committees and the Kerry County Board for their assistance and support.