Growing Volunteer Involvement Driving Tidy Towns

Con Houlihan keeping vigil on his beloved Latin Quarter at Lower Main Street. ©Photograph: john Reidy
Con Houlihan keeping vigil on his beloved Latin Quarter at Lower Main Street. ©Photograph: john Reidy

Castleisland’s Tidy Towns group has made great strides since it first came into being in the early 1990s.
It hasn’t been without a backward step though. There have been many of those along with disappointment that the efforts of the small and hardworking group wasn’t always reflected in the marks allotted.
Sheila Hannon, Millie Browne, Phil O’Mahony, Terence McQuinn and Mary Walsh and more appear in the mind’s eye tending flower beds and watering hanging baskets along Main Street.
Growing Involvement of Volunteers
Mary Walsh, however, is quick to point out that the growing involvement of volunteers in recent years is beginning to make a huge difference in both the outward appearance of areas of the town and on the adjudicators’ early September score-cards.
“The latest addition to our volunteers is a group from Limerick Road. They have already done fantastic work on cleaning up their road during the recent KWD County Clean Up Day and since. They are coming out once a week to continue the good work and have great plans for improvements in the area,” said Mary.
“We have met with some residents of Church Street and Scartaglin Road and they are in the process of starting a Tidy Towns group in the area and will be contacting residents any day now.
Someone to Love College Road
“College Road is the only area in town where there is no organised group and we would love if someone would contact us to try to get something started there.
“All the other areas are organised with great work being done. These groups contribute a great deal towards keeping Castleisland looking good. All it takes is one hour a week and the Tidy Towns Committee is there to support them in any way we can.
“The Entry form is in the process of being put together at present. The closing date is May 20th and we are urging everyone to come out and support Castleisland for the judging which will take place over the summer months.
“There are many, many unsung heroes and heroines who are doing their bit for the town on a daily basis throughout the year and we are deeply indebted to them,” Mary concluded.