Facing Dragons, Forging Plans and Baking-it-Easy

Bake-It-Easy founder and owner, Maria Brosnan - full of ideas and enthusiasm after her Dragons' Den experience.
Bake-It-Easy founder and owner, Maria Brosnan – full of ideas and enthusiasm after her Dragon’s Den experience.

Have you ever wished that baking fresh, delicious cookies at home could be made a little easier? If only there was a way to avoid buying and weighing ingredients, the floury mess, expensive ingredients going to waste in the press.
If that triggers a ‘That’s Me’ moment, then Bake it Easy owner Maria Brosnan might have the solution you’ve been looking for!
Bake it Easy makes and sells a range of high quality, mouth-watering cookie mixes that means anyone can be a star baker.
Three Simple Steps to Cookie Heaven
With just three Bake-it-Easy steps you get 15 delicious cookies ready to eat in just 20 minutes!
And …. the Bake it Easy venture has had some exciting recent developments: Maria entered the Dragon’s Den and survived with her ambition intact and with great plans for the future.
“It’s wonderful to be able to say that I stood in front of them and did myself proud! I am just delighted to have been given the opportunity to tell people about this wonderful product we have,” said Maria when asked about her experience.
SuperValu Food Academy
Maria, the Knocknagoshel based Brosna native, and her Bake-it Easy venture have also successfully completed the SuperValu Food Academy Programme. This means you will find the mixes on selected SuperValu Food Academy shelves from the middle of this month onwards.
“Amazing baking really comes down to using the best ingredients in the right measure. At Bake it Easy we believe anyone can bake/make amazing cookies using our mixes,” Maria enthused on the merits of her product.
A Three-Year-Old Could Bake Them
“They’re just so simple to use – even my little three-year-old boy, Ben can do most of the baking himself and he’s so proud of himself after making and tasting them,” said the equally proud mom.
The Cookie Mixes are currently on sale in SuperValu supermarkets across Kerry and Cork and in other quality food outlets.
The Bake-it-Easy, Everything-You-Need jars are retailing at €3.99. You can also purchase the mixes online at www.bakeiteasy.ie where you can get two mixes delivered anywhere in Ireland for €10. You can watch Maria demonstrating how to make the cookies on her facebook page at www.facebook.com/bakeiteasy.ie