Pádraig Fired Childhood Passions to Forge Fast-Moving Car-eer

Pádraig Foran - knew where he was going from a young age - and is getting there in his fast moving world.
Pádraig Foran – knew where he was going from a young age – and is getting there in his fast moving world.

Pádraig Foran is a 20 year old, IT Tralee student from Castleisland and he has just completed year two of his studies in the area of Design for Interactive Media.
Pádraig has always had a keen interest in motorsport from a young age. His other chlidhood passion was photography – it still is – and he started his own photography mini-business at just 13 years of age.

Rally Focus Media
“Since then I have ventured into lots of different areas including: video; in-car cameras; graphic design and so on. I have now branded my operation as Rally Focus Media and I’m working on developing the broader aspect of the business outside of rallying,”  said Pádraig.
As often happend in the world of photography when the quality and quantity strike a balance, Pádraig has found that there is a demand for the kind of footage he shoots.
“I often supply the National Rallying TV provider with footage for programmes aired every couple of weeks on various channels like: TG4, UTV, Motors TV to name a few.

Pádraig Foran and a celebratory scene at the end of Sunday’s rally in Killarney and his recently created Rally Focus Media logo.

Footage on RTÉ Six-One News
“Just last weekend I supplied RTÉ with footage from the Rally of the Lakes in Killarney and it was shown on the Six-One News. I have also worked with many high profile competitors and teams in Europe over the last three years,” said the talented and highly focused young man.
The Facebook link below will take viewers to a video made by Pádraig for the awards ceremony in the INEC on the Sunday night of the Killarney event – so turnaround had to be pretty quick.You will also find many other examples of his work there. Pádraig Foran can be contacted on: 087 26 20 775.

Groping for a Seat Belt

Warning: If you you’re watching this all-action stuff at your kitchen table or at your local pub counter, just hold on and don’t be surprised if you find yourself groping for a helmet, a seat belt and a stronger drop in that glass. Hang on – especially at the bends.  Click here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rally-Focus-Media/218593980853