The Listing Post in The Latin Quarter

The Latin Quarter Post: Listing towards Farranfore since St. Patrick's Day. ©Photograph: John Reidy 15/05/2016
The Latin Quarter Post: Listing towards Farranfore since St. Patrick’s Day. ©Photograph: John Reidy 15/05/2016

Nothing draws the ire of Tidy Towns adjudicators like neglected street furniture such as: flower beds, seating, old telephone kiosks, lamp-posts and anything else you can think of along those lines. It’s unfair on local volunteers up and around the country. But, it’s a fact.

Castleisland has one outstanding example at the moment. There may be more but they are not as blatantly outgoing as our Latin Quarter beacon of neglect. It’s a lamp-post / signpost which has been knocked a few feet further towards Farranfore ever since St. Patrick’s Day.

Listing Position

This is no ordinary post. As if to make its current listing position more obvious – it has a light on top.To add to its air of importance, it points the way to Kerry Airport in one direction and to Tralee in the other.

It still manages to carry on its dual function as signpost and pedestrian crossing regulator with the gait of a potato picker with a bad back. As part of the Killarney Municipal Area – and the part with the mayor in residence – aren’t people right when they assert that this kind of neglect wouldn’t be allowed to go beyond a day almost anywhere else.

It would probably be repaired within hours if it happened in Killarney itself.

Reflects Badly on County

Parish Post Politics it may be, but this kind of neglect reflects badly on a tourism oriented county as a whole and fixing it wouldn’t show up on the desks of the Public Accounts Committee.

This part of the Killarney Municipal Area was given great consideration and thought in the run up to the February General Election.

This is because it holds a career-making population of voters. Is it too much to ask that one of these representatives would focus on the crooked post at the Back-of-the-Forge in Castleisland’s Latin Quarter before it draws the ire of a Tidy Towns adjudicator.

That would be a great injustice to the growing numbers volunteering their efforts and time and to the handful who brought the town to today’s level of awareness. A level of awareness that manifests itself in the amount of people talking about the listing pole in the Latin Quarter.