Mike Kenny Memorial Festival Planned for August

The late Mike Kenny - a festival in his honour and name is at the planning stage. ©John Reidy
The late Mike Kenny – an August festival in his honour and name is at the planning stage. ©John Reidy

An August weekend arts festival to honour the memory of the late Mike Kenny is at the planning stage. Artist, entertainer, musician, sculptor and more, Mr. Kenny passed away in August 2011 and much too early in a life that promised so much more.

He was a founder member of the Patrick O’Keeffe Traditional Music Festival. In its formative years he spent every waking moment in developing the October weekend into what it is today.

Scarce Resources

He spent a lot of his own frightfully scarce resources and, probably, his health in this pursuit.

However, if he could answer that observation today, he’d tell you that he enjoyed every minute and every drop he shared with the kind of people whose company he lived for.

Sculpture and art workshops, social gatherings and a few pints in good, musical company are being drawn in for the event by Ted Kenny and local publican, Peter Browne.

Mike Kenny Memorial Cup

They’re also inviting young musicians to compete for the prestigious Mike Kenny Memorial Cup.

There will be more details as the weeks peel away but it promises great colour – in true reflection of the man in whose honour it’s being held. It’s like an event he’d put together himself – and often did. May God be good to him.