Good Wishes and Prayers for Davy and Thady

Good friends: Thady Twomey (left) and Davy O'Connor are both going through their battles at present.  ©Photographs John Reidy
Good friends: Thady Twomey (left) and Davy O’Connor are both going through their battles at present.
©Photographs John Reidy

Members of the community here and its neighbouring areas are holding a collective breath for two local men who are fighting their own battles at present.

Local men, Davy O’Connor and Thady Twomey are friends for years and if ever the term ‘lovable rogue’ applied to anyone or any pair – these are your boys. If you saw one of them the other was never far away.

Their sudden turns in recent weeks and days has shocked the area and people are keeping their fingers crossed and praying for their recovery.

There was a gathering at the Church of Saints Stephen and John here in Castleisland last night for Davy.

Desmonds supporters to the hilt and no better men for the apre-match, apre-anything going and other gatherings. Their prolonged discussions always ended in them seeking out places where songs were sung and music played and the smaller the hour the more they enjoyed it.

There’s a huge Scartaglin connection with both men and I know that many people there and in Castleisland will join in this message of hope for a speedy recovery and a return to good health for both of them.

If prayers and good wishes can bring health and hope to the two men and their families, then they should be well on their way.

In the meantime the fingers are staying crossed and the prayers go on.