Mixed Fortunes for Cordal Teams in Recent Outings

Jimmy Roche talks with the Cordal team after their victory on Sunday.
Jimmy Roche talks with the Cordal team after their victory on Sunday.

Cordal V Duagh County League Round 6

Sunday June 19th was certainly not one of the typical sunny days we were getting used to as the rain poured before Cordal’s clash against Duagh in Round Six of the County League.

A long spell of rain brought harsh conditions for the match adding to the intensity of the overall game. Duagh were very much the aggressors of the first half, but yet missed a lot of opportunities to build up a lead for themselves early on in the match.Nigel O’Connor was first to take on the Cordal line and scored two points for Duagh in the second minute of the match and again in the seventh minute. Two minutes later Cordal had driven the ball up to the other side of the field with Philip O’Connor scoring a point.

Two Point Lead

Duagh were able to maintain their two point lead once again in the 11th minute when Ger McCarthy scored a point from a free.

Cordal were in no mood to be left trailing Duagh and Kieran O’Donoghue scored another point in the 13th minute.

Duagh missed a crucial point when they wasted a free but Jason Carmody clawed back the lost score when  he booted a point in  the 20th minute for his side.

Cordal yet again held strong and sent the ball down the other end of the pitch where Gearoid O’Leary kicked a point for the Cordal boys and Philip O’Connor equalised in the 25th minute. The next few minutes of the match saw Cordal and Duagh wrestle for the ball but no further scores transpired in the first half leaving scores at 0-4 a piece.

Renewed Sense of Determination

Cordal returned from the dressing room with a renewed sense of determination and had the ball in their hands very quickly. Sean Óg Ó Ciardubháin added another point to the tally when he scored from a free in the second minute. Four minutes later Brian Reidy scored an impressive point for Cordal.

Sean Óg again, in the ninth minute, scored a point from a free increasing Cordal’s lead.

Ger McCarthy scored a point from a free in the 13th minute for Duagh – and they were struggling at this point to defend against their Cordal foe.

Another point scored from a free by Sean Óg O’Ciardubhain set Cordal on a scoring streak and in the span of the 20th and 21st minutes, Brian Reidy had two points added to the Cordal score and Philip O’Connor also made another contribution. Donal McCarthy was the next man to score and he scored a nice point in the 23rd minute.

Duagh scored the last point during normal time when Ger McCarthy got a point from free in the 28th minute.

Extra Time

Five minutes were added in extra time and Ger McCarthy in the 32nd minute scored another point from a free for Duagh. Cordal ended their array of points when Sean Óg scored the final point from a free but the game was not over yet.

Duagh made a few final efforts to try and save themselves.The clock was ticking to 35 minutes but the game went on, things got hectic around Cordal’s net but Sean Óg and the Cordal defence remained strong and Duagh failed to add further scores to their tally and in the 37th minute the whistle was finally blown leaving Cordal the undisputed victors with a six point lead with 0-13 to Duagh’s 0-07.

Well done to the Cordal Seniors on their third victory in a row. Next up is Cordal V Castlegregory in Round Seven of the County League which will take place Saturday, July 2nd.

The Cordal team:  1. Sean Óg Ó Ciardubháin, 0-04;  2. Billy Cronin,  3. John Brosnan,  4. John Mannix,  5. Padraig O’Connell,  6. Micheál Cahill,  7. Niall Ó Ciardubháin,  8. Philip O’Connor, 0-03;  9. Brian Reidy, 0-03; 10. Kieran O’Donoghue 0-01; 11.  Donal McCarthy 0-01; 12. Geroid O’Leary, 0-01; 13. Jason Cronin, 14. Dean Poolman and 15. Michael Flynn. Subs: Padraig Brosnan for Michael Flynn, David O’Leary for Dean Poolman, Tim O’Donoghue for Jason Cronin, Mossie Enright and Colin Poolman.

Patrick 'Yank' O'Connor happy to be in front of the camera before playing Currow.
Patrick ‘Yank’ O’Connor happy to be in front of the camera before playing Currow.

Cordal/Scart V Currow Round  1 Division 2 East Kerry League

Cordal/Scart Minors were back in action in Scart Football Pitch on Thursday the 24th of June after a long break since winning the Division 3A County Final in April. They were up against the neighbouring parish Currow and the game was an exciting spectacle of Gaelic Football for both sides. The ball was thrown in at match 7.30pm and Cordal/Scart were quick to start their engines with a point scored by Jason Cronin only seconds into the match. The boys were in high spirits quick into the match and Eddie Horan was next to score for the team with a point from play scored in the second minute.

Impressive Start

T.J O’Connor followed on from this and he scored another point for Cordal/Scart in the third minute. Cordal/Scart’s impressive start was ended with a goal from our very own Patrick ‘Yank’ O’Connor which gave Cordal/Scart a strong lead of six points. Currow took control of the ball in the next few minutes which resulted in two points scored for their team from frees in the ninth and 17th minutes. T.J O’Connor scored another point for Cordal/Scart when he scored a point from a free in the 22nd minute. Currow took control of ball for the end of the Half and scored three more points. Jeremiah O’Sullivan scored the first point for Currow in the 23rd minute and John McMahon score the other two points. The First Half ended with Cordal/Scart still with a handy lead of two points with 1-04 to Currow’s 0-07. The Second Half was an tremendously competitive Half as Cordal/Scart fought to retain their lead. John McMahon was the first to score in the Half and scored a point for Currow in the early seconds of the match.

Closing the Gap

Kieran O’Donoghue scored a point next from a free in the second minute of the half to maintain Cordal/Scart’s two point lead. Jeremiah O’Sullivan scored another point for Currow in the fifth minute but Sean Walsh for Cordal/Scart was quick to hold Currow back again when he scored a point for Cordal/Scart only a minute later. In the eight minute Jack Scanlon scored a point for Currow closing the gap and in the tenth minute Alex Fleming equalised the game when he scored a point for Currow.  Currow missed two crucial points in the next few minutes but they had claimed the lead in the 18th minute when John McMahon scored a point from play. Excitement was high again when the game was equalised by Eddie Horan in the 19th minute and the two teams were neck and neck for control of the ball.

Turn the Tables

A fight for control took hold and when Currow got the ball John McMahon was quick to utilise it and scored another point in the 23rd mnute. Currow had now established the lead and despite Cordal/Scart’s efforts to turn the tables again their efforts were not enough. Currow’s main threat in the forwards John McMahon scored two further points from frees in the 26th and 30th minute for Currow sealing their win after a dramatic and very even game. Well done to Cordal/Scart on an impressive return since their last game in April. Next up is Cordal/Scart V Spa which will be played in the coming weeks.
Cordal Team: 1. Conor Mitchell,  2. Sean O’Connell’  3. Josh Kerin,  4. Jack McAuliffe,  5. Hugh O’Connor, 6. Sean Horan,  7. Padraig Brosnan,  8. Florence McCarthy,  9. Kieran O’Donoghue, 0-01; 10. Sean Walsh, 0-01; 11.  Eddie Horan, 0-02; 12. T.J O’Connor, 0-02; 13. Kieran Enright; 14. Patrick ‘Yank’ O’Connor, 1-0; 15. Jason Cronin, 0-01; Subs: Shay Walsh, Padraig O’Connor, Jack Walsh, Jason Browne, Cathal O’Donoghue and Jack Flynn.

Mass for Tom Wrenn

Cordal GAA has organised a special mass for our past Chairman Tom Wrenn which will take place this Sunday at 9:30am in Cordal Church of the Immaculate Conception.

Exam Students
Cordal GAA Club would like to commend everyone who has completed their Leaving Cert and Junior Cert examinations in the last few days. Have a good summer and hopefully you all get the results you are hoping for.

Feile 2016

Cordal GAA Club would like to offer a warm welcome to all visitors for Feile 2016 specially to visitors from Dicksboro, Co. Kilkenny who are the club we are hosting. We hope you enjoy your time in our parish and in County Kerry and have a memorable time.

 Cordal V Glenflesk

Cordal were knocked out of the O’Sullivan Cup on Tuesday when they lost to Glenflesk who showed themselves to be the stronger team on the day, Cordal will now be playing for the Bill Tangney Cup.

June Lotto Draw Worth €7,000

The June Lotto has a massive jackpot of €7,000 the largest club jackpot to date. The Lotto Draw will take place this weekend on Sunday the 26th of June in The Crown Hotel. Like always you can get your tickets from our sellers or at Kearney’s Post Office or Jackie Reidy’s Menswear. You can also buy tickets online at www.cordalgaa.com . Best of Luck in the June Lotto from Cordal GAA!

Cordal Fixtures

Cordal Seniors V Castlegregory: Cordal will play Castlegregory in Round 7 of the Division 5 County League in Castlegregory Football Field on the 2nd of July. The time is to be confirmed so this can be checked with coaches and club officers.

Cordal/Scart V Spa: Cordal/Scart will play Spa in Rd 2 of the Div. 2 East Kerry Region League and the game will take place in Spa. Time is to be confirmed.