TechSpace Comes to NEWKD Castleisland

NEWKD Techspace 23/06/2016
At the launch of NEWKD TechSpace site in Castleisland on Thursday were: Kate O’Neil, Yvonne Lane, Sarah Lane, Ciara Kepp, Zoe Smith, Joel Smith, Ava Fitzmaurice, Hollyanne Smith, Shay Duffy, Bronagh O’Neill, Abina McSweeney, Maura O’Leary, Adam Tees and Don Rogers.

TechSpace is, as its name may suggest, a creative space where young people are inspired to create, produce and have fun with digital technology.

The concept, which has now come to Castleisland, is designed to ensure a safe environment in which young people get the opportunity to work with like minded people, make friends and have fun creating.

In early December 2015 and January 2016 volunteer training sessions were held in Kerry with Limerick.

The training sessions came about with the redesigned TechSpace programme to include a one-day session specifically aimed at volunteers.

Full Media Projects

These training sessions covered everything from how to get your group started to running full media projects and then editing them during the post production stage.

NEWKD Techspace 23/06/2016
Volunteers and facilitators at the NEWKD TechSpace, from left: Adam Tees, Maura O’Leary, Abina McSweeney, Jennifer O’Sullivan-Coffey and Don Rogers.

Story telling techniques, aimed at preparing the trainees to create a short movie. Some of the projects involving the volunteers were in depth and innovative. These made use of whatever little resources came to hand and resulted in some mighty creativity.

Talking Punch Bags

There were laughing computers, talking punch bags, TV’s complaining about life and a cup comparing its life to a plastic bottle’s life.

Each individual TechSpace site offers an informal, but planned and structured, atmosphere which is designed to keep young people engaged and active.

An individual computer or laptop is made available to every young person to work on, however, members are also free to use their own devices, whether PC, Mac, Linux, tablet or mobile.

One-to-One Assistance
Each day the young people work on their own projects and get one-to-one assistance, guidance and support from the TechSpace coordinator / educator and volunteers.

Young people work on both individual and group projects and on themes chosen by the young people about issues that are important in their lives.
TechSpace is supporting this emerging network of young digital creators within youth organisations, projects and schools throughout Ireland. Young people do not need prior experience or skills in using computers, however, an interest in technology and creative media is a good starting point.

The project runs at the NEWKD centre at The Crageens every Thursday at 5pm. Contact Jennifer at 066 71 42 576