Status Yellow Warm Weather Warnings

Eamonn Carmody, Knocknagoshel 15-6-2016
Well travelled, Knocknagoshel man, Eamonn Carmody predicted a great summer earlier this year. Is his forecast about to bear fruit ? ©Photograph: John Reidy

Extremely high temperatures are being forecast for tomorrow, Tuesday and the forecast carries a Status Yellow Warning with temperatures reaching over 27 degrees in many areas.

Potato Blight Warning

The humid weather conditions over the next few days will favour the spread of potato blight.

Met Éireann explains that the reason for issuing Weather Warnings is to protect the lives and livelihoods of all of the nation’s citizens, and to mitigate damage to property and disturbance to economic activity at times of severe weather.

Out Early

We’ll probably have to adopt a southern European approach to going about our business tomorrow by being out and about early in the morning and get indoors before the real heat rises by mid morning onwards.

Did you ever imagine, in the depths of the winter we’ve been through, that you’d ever again see the day when Met Éireann would have to issue a warm weather warning.

I did run into a bit of bother with my inclusion of Eamon Carmody’s long range forecast here last month.

The well travelled, Knocknagoshel man predicted that we were in for a great summer and he said that the signs of it were all over the countryside.

Pure Carmody Day

Up to now, I’ve been having to defend him in his absence and take dog’s abuse – good natured dog’s abuse – for the apparent inaccuracies in his weather predictions.

However, he did say that it was a long range forecast. And he most certainly didn’t specify which summer he was talking about – and I forgot to ask him.

Anyway, tomorrow is going to be a pure Carmody day. You have been warned. Stay inside from it if you can and if you have to be out – don’t delay.

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