Local Family Distressed over Missing Pet Terrier

This is Lilly in her family surroundings before she disappeared recently.
Another picture of the missing Lilly showing her white coat and ‘Brownie Head’ – as described by her worried owners.

I just got an urgent message from a local family in distress because their pet ‘Lilly’ has gone missing from the An Caisleán Mór area here in Castleisland for the past couple of days.

As you can see from the photographs, she’s a small terrier mixed breed and is loved and missed by the family concerned.

Anyone who ever loved and lost a dog will understand the worry the family is going through at present.

Lilly has a white coat with a ‘browney white head’ and she responds to that name if called.

A Black Collar

She had a black collar on at the time of her disappearance. She got out through the fence at the back of the house and hasn’t returned since.

It is usual for her to go out and about and she walks through the neighbouring, St. Stephen’s Park and St. John’s Park estates.

She usually comes back after an hour’s rambling though and that’s what has worried the family now.

That’s Lilly in typical pose and wearing the black collar she had on when she went missing.

Contact Number: 087 09 36 489

She is very friendly and usually returns to the front door of the house to be left in. The family is appealing to the residents of the above mantioned estates and of the wider area to please keep an eye out for her.

If you have seen her in your area or come across her anytime please call Darragh on 087 09 36 489 or message here if you wish.

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