Brosna Overwhelmed by Castleisland’s Church Fund Generosity

Brosna Church Fundraising Cheque 25/01/2017
Castleisland Parish Council Chairman, Jack Shanahan (centre) presenting the Brosna Church Fund cheque to Church Finance Committee members, Karl Nash (left) and Chairman, Dan Shine. Included are: back from left: Nora Fealey, Rene McCarthy, Mike O’Sullivan, Monsignor Dan O’Riordan, PP Castleisland; Michael Broderick, Eilish Moynihan and Sheila Doran-O’Grady. ©Photograph: John Reidy

Representatives of Castleisland Parish recently handed over €25,014.37 to Brosna Parish to ease the debt due to the renovation works done on their Parish Church some years ago.

The money was raised by a collection taken up on the three churches of the parish: Castleisland, Cordal and Scartaglin.

There was also a charity concert on Monday, December 5th. 2016 which featured well known singer Fr. Liam Lawton and the Castleisland Parish Choir with musicians from Brosna. The cheque was presented by Jack Shanahan, chairman of the parish council.

Iceberg of Debt

“While the fruits of their labours are visible to all, the iceberg of debt is not.

In Castleisland our first reaction, other than empathy, was to see if there was anything we could do,” said Mr. Shanahan.

“When Renee McCarthy approached us with the news that her personal contact had secured the goodwill of Fr. Liam Lawton, the cogs began whirring. We saw an opportunity to organise an event, around which we could raise funds.

Fr. Liam Lawton / Brosna Church Fundraising Concert 5-12-2016
A quick team photo on the night of the concert in December: Included are: Noreen O’Sullivan, Brid Wrenn, Terese Kearney, Geraldine Hickey, Fr. Liam Lawton, Mary O’Donoghue, Mary O’Sullivan, Fr. Dan O’Riordan, Fr. Anthony O’Sullivan, Joan Walsh, Nora Fealey, Dan Shine and Dan O’Donoghue. Photograph Courtesy of Nora Fealey.

Important Local Charities.

“It was not without precedent, because the Castleisland Parish choir and friends have previously run concerts in the parish church for important local charities.

“What was different was the scale. Fr Liam Lawton is a big name. We needed to match expectations.

“The committee, from both parishes, that was formed to promote and organise the fundraising weekend did great work. And it culminated in a great concert, a full house, and a generous Christmas present for Brosna.

“This was a resounding success. It shows what happens when a good idea meets a large dose of goodwill. It makes you wonder what else can be achieved.” Jack said.

Fr. Liam Lawton / Brosna Church Fundraising Concert 5-12-2016
Fr. Liam Lawton with his production team of Nigel Connell and Mark Cahill during the concert in December. Photograph: Nora Fealey

Overwhelmed by Generosity

Dan Shine, chairman of the Brosna Church Finance Committee thanked everybody involved.

“On behalf of Fr. Anthony O’Sullivan P.P., the people of Brosna and on my own behalf, as chairman of the Brosna Church Fnance Committee I thank you all for your work in making the recent concert such a success,” said Mr. Shine.

“We are overwhelmed by your generosity and solidarity with us in this our time of need. Particularly we thank Fr. Dan Riordan, Jack Shanahan and the finance committee here in Castleisland for organizing what was a wonderful event and for making the church available to us.

Courage to Ask

“Thanks to Rene McCarthy who had the courage to ask Fr. Liam Lawton in the first instance.

To Fr. Liam for giving so generously of his talent and to the Castleisland choir and the Brosna musicians who brought an extra dimension to the concert.

“To Nora who was a wonderful hostess for all our meetings prior to the concert.

To our MC Timmy O’Sullivan who made himself available at such short notice. To all the people from the surrounding parishes of the Deanery, including those with Brosna connections who supported the initiative.

Closer Together

“Especially to everyone who supported the concert on the night and to all those who contributed so generously to the church gate collection we thank you all most sincerely.

The concert was an outstanding success. The people of Brosna are indebted to each and everyone of you.

“The expression of goodwill was very palpable from all in attendance on the night. I have no doubt it has brought us closer together and united us as a deanery. Mar a deirtear as Gaeilge:  Ar scath a cheile a mhaireann na daoine. Hopefully some day we may be able to repay your generosity in some way. Thank you all,” Dan concluded.

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