Saturday, April 8th Announced as County Clean-Up Day

Dumping at Cragg 19-3-2017
Household refuse on an industrial scale tipped in off Cragg Bridge. ©Photograph: John Reidy 19-3-2017

There is hardly a town in any county in the country at present which doesn’t have a dumping black-spot.

This, in turn, sends its public representatives into a spin about the need to get surveilance cameras on the job. They pay their way in a matter of months through fines imposed on the back of clear footage captured or because of their presence acting as a deterrent.

Long Established Black-Spots

Castleisland has a few long established black-spots and, a couple in particular, are getting increasing worse in recent times.

One of the most revolting in the area is the scene at the humpbacked bridge in Cragg. This has been a real black-spot for years now and truly deserving of the name.

It is caused by fly-tipping and is ideally located for such illegal dumping. You can actually see the results of this criminal activity from the road.

Worse again it’s only a couple of hundred yards from one of Kerry’s premier tourism attractions, Crag Cave.

Dumping at Cragg 19-3-2017
A toilet brush caught in the thick Ivy growth on the parapet of the bridge at Cragg. ©Photograph: John Reidy 19-3-2017

Flagging the Activity

A toilet brush is flagging the activity there recently as it got caught in the thickly ivy clad bridge parapet as it was being hastily dumped from the road.

If ever a location cried out for the positioning of a night surveillance camera – this is one.

It is by no means an exaggeration now to say that household rubbish is being dumped left right and centre and any place in between that’s found to be convenient to do so.

KCC and KWD Teaming Up

Kerry County Council and KWD Recycling are looking for volunteers to participate in the 2017 County Clean-Up Day which will take place on Saturday, 8 April.

Now in its sixth year, the County Clean-Up has proven to be a wonderful community event in which people clean up their respective areas and make their localities spick and span.

The event was launched this evening, Monday, March 27th. at the Ballygarry House Hotel in Tralee.

True Beauty of Kerry

The aim of the annual event is to ensure that visiting tourists and locals alike can see the true beauty of the Kerry countryside without unsightly litter strewn on the sides of the roads.

Last year 3,500 people volunteered their time to clean sections of road and other public places in Kerry, and collected 7,000 bags of waste – amounting to 70 tonnes of waste.

This year the County Clean-Up Day is being extended and adopted by our neighbours in West Cork.

Posters in Shops

It is hoped to have as many groups, communities and individuals as possible out on the day to help create awareness and in turn help prevent people littering.

Posters will be placed in local shops in the coming days encouraging people to sign up and correspondence is being sent out to all the voluntary groups and Tidy Towns committees who have been involved over the last six years.

If you would like to get involved you’re urged to register by logging onto


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