Blue Flags, Blue Skies, Sandy Beaches… All Changed..

The 'weather-crock' sulking since Sunday.
The ‘weather-crock’ sulking since Sunday.

Children and their parents / guardians knocked great value from the beaches of Kerry over the past week and during and since the weekend in particular.

Banna, Ballyheigue, Inch and Fenit were all buzzing with holidaymakers and the sounds of excited children at play – as only they know how.

Fish are gasping for a drop of fresh water – as are the plants along our hedgerows.

That’s all changed last night with the first serious drops of rain in ages and then the lightening and percussion section cut in.

Sulking at the Bottom

The water in my bottle and jam crock / weather clock has been sulking at the bottom of the jar since Sunday evening. In spite of the prevailing conditions at the time is was forecasting what we’re getting now.

While the beaches were busy recently, so were the bogs and the meadows.

The countryside has donned its patchwork look and sods of hard, black, dry turf can be seen here and the along the roads. Escapees from the fiery hearths of the valley on their journey down from the mountains.

Waste Not Want Not

My mother, being of a generation to which ‘waste not want not’ was a principal commandments, made me stop the car on our way home from Scartaglin one fine evening years ago.

Someone wasn’t good at clamping and the road home was rough at the time. Anyway, we collected a boot full of turf and that bit of foraging was the most natural thing in the world to her. It didn’t stop there either. “Look at them for fine roots there in the ditch,” she’d say.

Met Éireann Forecast

The Met Éireann forecast will alter our recently adopted behaviour for a few days at least as we await the return of the sun

Heavy, thundery rain or showers over much of Munster this morning with a risk of localised flooding. These will gradually clear eastwards in the late morning and early afternoon. Brighter, drier weather with sunny spells will follow from the west for the rest of the day. Highest temperatures of 17 to 20 degrees with moderate southeast breezes, veering fresh westerly as rain clears.

Tonight will be mainly dry with clear spells. There’ll be a few showers along the west coast. These will become heavier by morning. Lowest temperatures of 9 or 10 degrees.

Grass Pollen Count: Low today and moderate on Thursday. Solar UV Index: High in any sunshine.
On Thursday morning, heavy showers in the west coast will spread quickly eastwards and become widespread by late morning. They’ll continue for the rest of the day. Some may be thundery with a risk of localised flooding. Highest temperatures of 15 to 17 degrees with moderate south to southwest breezes.

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