On a Window in a Town Far from the Sea

Chef Gerard Reidy and the Gone Sailing notice on his Deli window at Lower Main Street. ©Photographs: John Reidy
Chef Gerard Reidy and the Gone Sailing notice on his Deli window at Lower Main Street. ©Photographs: John Reidy

On a window in a town far from the sea, I spied this notice on Saturday evening.

‘Gone Sailing in the ‘Fastnet’ Race in Schull – See you Tuesday.’

And because the same Saturday evening marked the sixth anniversary of Mike Kenny’s death it reminded me of a saying of his when the breeze was blowing his way.

All Sails Aloft

His ‘All Sails Aloft’ was uttered only when things were really good and I silently wished him fair sailing on the evening that was in it.

The same to Chef Gerard Reidy on whose window on Lower Main Street the sign is posted.

It reminded me too of my Tralee Road neighbour, the late Steve Corkery – who ran a bicycle repair shop at the Back-of-the-Forge years and years ago.

Steve had one or two holidays in the round of the year and they centred on horse racing and coursing.

Gone to Puck

Puck Fair was another couple of days away from the bench for Steve and he had the misfortune of posting a notice on the door of his little workshop on one such occasion.

‘Gone to Puck’ – it read and I’ll leave it to your own imagination to figure out the kind of responses he found scrawled all over it on his return. One was pithy and witty and it read simply: ‘Rutting.’

In a typical landlubber’s line of thinking I never thought I’d see the day when a notice on a window in a town far from the sea would convey the message ‘Gone Sailing.’

Good man Chef Gerard and I hope it was indeed a case of All Sails Aloft for you!

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