Noel’s Timely Re-release of ‘In Honour of Conor’ Poem

Knocknagoshel native and musician, Noel McAuliffe has remastered and re-issued his 'In Honour of Conor' poem. Photograph: John Reidy
Knocknagoshel native and musician, Noel McAuliffe has remastered and re-issued his ‘In Honour of Conor’ poem. Click on the picture here to see it. ©Photograph: John Reidy

There are people who believe that Saturday night’s ‘fight’ between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor is the greatest sporting abomination in the history of prize fighting.

There are others who think that it’s the greatest event ever to be held within the confines of the square ring.

One way or another it’s certainly the richest prize fight ever and has set a purse record for a single event of its kind – if that’s possible.

The Gates are Open

The gates are open now and it was, probably, just a matter of time before the money men got onto the notion of mixing the noble art performed under the Queensbury Rules with the new, brash and, some would claim, the ugly face of mixed martial arts.

Though Saturday night’s fight will be fought under traditional boxing rules and the fighters will wear full eight ounce gloves – there are still people who feel that never the twain should meet.

But will they want to miss it?

McGregor Poem Remastered

Talented, Knocknagoshel composer/musician/singer, Noel McAuliffe and his friends have remastered a two-year-old poem in honour of Conor.

We featured it here on The Maine Valley Post on its first outing a couple of years ago. Like the art of boxing itself, timing is everything and now is certainly the time for Noel and his pals to come out fighting.

“Here’s a poem I wrote about Conor McGregor two years ago but I revamped it recently with the help of Matt Dean on whistles and flute. It would be great if you could share it,” said Noel as the big event draws ever so near.

Greatest Fight in History

However you feel about the ‘greatest fight in history’ have a look at the reworked tribute composition by Noel and his friends.

With him on the project were: the afore mentioned Matt Dean with Daragh Hogan on sound recording and John Fitzgerald on video production.

The fight will be held in the T-Mobile Arena in Paradise, Nevada and it could be 4am or later on Sunday morning before the McGregor V Mayweather Jr. main event gets under way.

Click on the photograph on the page here to see Noel’s poetic take on Conor McGregor.

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