They’re at it Again – The Mad Ones

Next ! Publican, Betty O’Connell of Kearney’s Bar plotting away with her friends from The Mad Ones: Tara Walmsley, Noreen Cronin and Kate McSweeney. ©Photograph: John Reidy

“After the Galway Street Club came to town so memorably last July, people talked to us about it with energy and enthusiasm in the days, weeks and even months afterwards.

“Of course, amidst the hectic build up and during the event itself we didn’t realise we were making memories, we did know however, that we were having absolutely great fun,” said Kate McSweeney , co-founder of The Mad Ones clothing range, ethos and outlook and now music event impresarios.

Aftermath of July

“In the aftermath of the July gig at Castleisland Rugby Club, those who were there shared their memories and those who missed it, for one reason or another, expressed their regrets.

Castleisland RFC's Dan Casey in a tough meeting with The Mad Ones out standing in his own field at The Crageens lately.  ©Photograph: John Reidy
Castleisland RFC’s Dan Casey in tough negotiations with The Mad Ones out, standing in his own field at The Crageens lately. ©Photograph: John Reidy

All of these conversations had one major thread- they wanted more. More reasons to make great memories, more reasons to stay in this town we so often abandon for far away fields, more catalysts for texting a friend and say ‘let’s meet up’.

“Being completely honest we weren’t entirely sure what to do with all this feedback we were receiving.

“We were facing into the typical Irish winter we were conscious that a festival tent on a rugby pitch could leave more memories of misery than music!!

Formulate an Idea

“Eventually, after many the conversation between ourselves, friends and experienced advisors such as Betty in Kearney’s (who of course was a key part of The Galway Street Club success), we started to formulate an idea of what we wanted to put together.

“Dan Casey of Castleisland Rugby Club was hugely positive about joining forces for these plans and together we feel we’re providing great entertainment in a great and newly decorated venue.

“The Mad Ones present Live @ The Crageens is a series of gigs over the next three months where top Irish bands of varying genres will perform for the crowd indoors at Castleisland RFC.

Band Followed by DJ

“Each night the band will be followed by a d.j. and the all-important late bar. Meanwhile, committed to the cause as we are, we are working hard to devise the first ever Mad Ones Cocktail which should be available at the events.

“So, at present we have three bands confirmed: Hell For Leather, a folk rock band from Cork on October 13th.; Ruaile Buaile, a trad pop band, whose cover of Maniac 2000 has over a million views on you tube on November 3rd. and The Clandestinos, a seven piece reggae band from Galway on December 30th. Each night will be totally unique and we’re equally excited about all three.

Tickets for each gig are €10 and are available at The Mad Ones in The Latin Quarter or online at


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