November 1st Horse Fair Day Reminder

Castleisland Horse Fair 1-11-2016
Nana Bea’s Cafe and Gift Store bringing their wares to the middle of the fair on November 1st. Oorla Casey (left) is pictured with: Christine Higgins, Saoirse and Bláthnaid Casey. ©Photograph: John Reidy

There isn’t a truthful sinner in the whole, wide world who can tell you – or me – when the November 1st Castleisland Horse Fair Day came into being.

We can point, with a degree of certainty, to 1226 and the foundation of the Norman Castle here. However, that’s but a wild guess based of the need for horses at the time and it could involve a couple of hundred years at either side of the core of the question.

Town Charter

We can also look to the signing of the Town Charter for Castleisland and hope to find a line about our last link with the way we were. But, here too, we’d fall down on accuracy.

The real wonder about our last, precious link with our Market Town past is that it survives at all.

Neighing of Horses

Survive it did and it’s flourishing to this day. Early risers will hear the neighing of horses anytime from 6am in the morning. In the course of the day they’ll hear and see the sound of hooves on hard surfaces and the drama of the dealing – as it has been played out here over the centuries.

It’s a great day for Castleisland and all are welcome to be part of the town’s evolving history by just being here.

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