Charity Table Quiz Night at Tom McCarthy’s

Kenya Ray of Sunshine Mission
Ray of Sunshine volunteers from left: Willie Reidy, Hanna Curtin, Martina O’Mahony and Charlie Farrelly and inset: Nurse Rachel Flood who has just joined the expedition to Kenya as the group’s mandatory medical officer. ©Photograph: John Reidy

A high level fundraising effort was unveiled last February by four local volunteers bound for Africa on a mission of mercy.

It was a very high level effort as the missioners and their supporters climbed Carrantouhill on the first event of the campaign on the Saturday of August 5th.

Four Now Five

The four has now become five and the fundraising rumbles on but at ground level.

Because the magnitude and nature of the challenge in August ruled out many people who would otherwise support the campaign, the Ray of Sunshine Foundation team has organised a table quiz night in Tom McCarthy’s Bar here in Castleisland on Friday night, November 10th at 9pm.

Domo Ó Ciardubháin will officiate at the Ray of Sunshine Charity Table Quiz at Tom McCarthy's on Friday night from 9pm. ©Photograph: John Reidy
Domo Ó Ciardubháin will officiate at the Ray of Sunshine Charity Table Quiz at Tom McCarthy’s on Friday night from 9pm. ©Photograph: John Reidy

Questions by Domo

The questions are being compiled by Domo Ó Ciardubháin and family and there will be finger food available.

Being run on a table of four basis at €40 per team and the winning table prize is €100. There will also be a raffle for some great spot prizes.

The top raffle prize will be two audience tickets for the Mrs. Brown’s Boys Christmas Special TV show in Dublin.

Castleisland Team

All proceeds will go to help the Castleisland voluntary team to get to Kenya and to carry out its planned programme of work there.

They are going to work on the charity’s project to improve the lives of abused and deprived children in that area of Eastern Africa.

The volunteers, Hanna Curtin, Willie Reidy, Charlie Farrelly and Martina O’Mahony are being joined by nurse Rachel Flood.

Reacted to Appeal

In February of 2016 three of the volunteers, Tina O’Mahony, Hannah Curtin and Charlie Farrelly reacted to an appeal for from the Ray of Sunshine Foundation – an organisation for which the late Derek Davis was a tireless ambassador.

Returning after their 12-day working stint, they described their experience as unforgettable and the people they met as bright and cheerful and really appreciative of the work being carried out there by the foundation.

Final Fundraising Drive

“This is the final fundraising drive now for our travelling group,” said Charlie Farrelly.

“We’re very grateful to all who helped us with the Carrantouhill climb and the tractor run. People had said to us if we could organise something they could go to or take part in they’d come and support it.

“We’re hoping for as many tables as possible as we have some great raffle prizes lined up as well,” said Charlie.

All information on the quiz and the trip to Kenya can be had by ringing Charlie Farrelly on: 087 20 56 150.

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