‘Leave our Young Drivers Alone’ – Michael Healy-Rae T.D.

Michael Healy Rae, TD urged the government to 'Leave our young drivers alone.' ©Photograph: John Reidy.
Michael Healy Rae, TD urged the government to ‘Leave our young drivers alone.’ ©Photograph: John Reidy.

‘Leave our young drivers alone’ – is Deputy Michael Healy-Rae’s response to the proposed Road Traffic Bill Amendment.
“The government’s proposal this week from Tuesday’s cabinet meeting with regard to young drivers is a cause of major upset all over the country,” said Deputy Healy Rae.

Criminalise and Jail Young Drivers

“What the Government has actually said is that they want to bring in legislation to criminalise and possibly jail the owners of vehicles who are found to be driven by unaccompanied young drivers.

It would be more in the Government’s duties to catch criminals who are breaking into elderly peoples homes and jail them and leave our young drivers alone.

An Outrageous Attack

“I raised this issue in the Dáil on Wednesday, I told the Taoiseach that it was an outrageous attack on young respectable drivers who are struggling, trying to go to school or college and do part time work.

“To criminalise these young people in the way the Government is proposing is outrageous and a scandal.
Young people are doing there best trying to better themselves and this proposed amendment to the Road Traffic Bill is most unwelcome,” Deputy Healy Rae concluded.

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