Night Time Fly-Tippers Targeting Senior Citizens’ Bins

Dumping at The Crageens 2018
An old, domestic rubbish dump with recent additions in the back gardens of Main Street houses at the boundary wall with the mart. ©Photograph: John Reidy

Residents of River View Place, the senior citizens’ complex at Tonbwee here in Castleisland have been plagued by an outbreak on illegal dumping in the vicinity of their cosy, six house estate.

Up to recently their refuse bins were being crammed at night with all kinds of rubbish.

Checking on CCTV

The recent installation of CCTV cameras and the strategic placing of the bins there have put a halt to the dumpers’ gallop.

However, last night brought a new twist to the long running saga as a shameless fly-tipper dumped what looks like the cleaning of an electrical repair workshop right on bank of the River Maine.

The last outbreak is just over the boundary wall from River View Place and the estate and house proud resident are annoyed by the focus of this kind of environmental vandalism.

Outbreak of Dumping

A Kerry County Council environmental officer said that this is just part of a more widespread outbreak of dumping in the Castleisland area in recent weeks.

Only last Friday the council picked up a half ton of rubbish in the area and most of this was the cleaning out of a garage which was dumped on Wren’s Bog.

Another blackspot for some years now is the boundary wall between the backs of the houses on Main Street and Castleisland Co-Op Mart. Several of the back-gardens there are continuously targeted by the fly-tipping plague.

A spokesperson for the River View residents said that they were checking back on CCTV footage from the area and they would be making it available to the authorities if the matter is being followed up.

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